Amazon Kickstart Bootcamp

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Get Hands-On Help in our Kickstart Bootcamp!

If you’d like small group attention and expert guidance to make your first sale and find Replenishable Products, this is for you!​

Congratulations! You now own the best Amazon seller training course in the world!

Investing in yourself with Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is a great decision.

PAC has everything you need to be successful on Amazon as evidenced by hundreds of recent success stories!

No matter what your experience level is, we’ve got you covered.

But… if reaching your Amazon revenue goals were a football game…

There’s no rule you can’t START on the 50-yard line!

This AVOIDS a lot of tackling and failure.

You get paid quicker than if you ran the entire field by yourself.

And that’s what combining the Replen model with the Kickstart Bootcamp can do for you.

Being around a small group of like-minded sellers who are ACTION TAKERS and supporting each other is like jumping months ahead.

Plus, you get mentored by some of the successful sellers in our community, including coaches from our highly-reviewed coaching team.

The bootcamp is about…

…Quick wins. Momentum. Faster Growth.

New Amazon sellers benefit from having a guide, and a team that cheers them on in the beginning… and helps them get started quickly.

We’ve tested this format with hundreds of new sellers and we are seeing over and over again how important being in a community is to success.

Eric Success Story - One Week since First Amazon Sale

You are invited to become one of our Kickstart Bootcampers!

This is a special 30-day program to help new students get going on Amazon with the fastest possible onboarding so that you can…

…avoid any mistakes…

…avoid stalling in confusion…

…and get to your first Replen sale asap.

Because we’ve discovered that students who get that first sale quickly tend to stick around and build successful businesses.

This is what Eric said about the bootcamp:

“Thank you for the Bootcamp, it really helped me to take action and not get stuck in planning and learning…[and] get focused on exactly what I needed to do…”

Here’s the truth:

In our age of distraction, to achieve success, you need to take action.

And to do that, it helps to be surrounded by like-minded sellers and your fearless guides to help you gain fast momentum.

Confusion and fear can set in when starting a new business.

When we let confusion or fear in, it slows us down a LOT… like tapping the breaks of our car every time we’re ready to accelerate. If that’s you, you’re in for a rough ride!

This short bootcamp is intended to help you smoothly accelerate your Amazon business.

The 30-Day bootcamp is centered on accountability and quick forward motion… to get to that first sale asap.

Plus, the content is divided into bite-sized chunks so starting this new business becomes more manageable.

But the main benefit of the bootcamp is the additional support to help you get unstuck at any time in these first 30 days.

With our bootcamp you’ll get to advance every day, every week.

And then you’ll start seeing your first sales trickling in… day by day, week by week.

Legally, we cannot promise you that you’ll make X number of sales or make a specific amount of money…

But I can guarantee this: if you don’t start, you won’t make any money.

We’ve seen thousands of students build businesses that provide for their families and help them achieve their financial dreams.

We know this is possible for you as well!

You can be like Eric… start taking action and make some sales… instead of only learning about it…

New Boot Camps start every 2-3 weeks.

Contact [email protected] for schedule or we will send you your date upon signing up.

Here’s What You Get:

The Kickstart “Small Group” Bootcamp
  • Small, intimate Facebook group: get speedy feedback from experienced sellers so you take the right step every time.
  • A 30-Day Roadmap: bite-sized content or videos so you know exactly what you have to do every day for the next 30 days.
  • The Seller Diagnostic Tool: identify where you are in the business and get actionable insights on how to advance in your business.
  • Weekly calls: Get direct interaction from one of our experienced sellers to give you a plan for the week & to answer any questions you might have.
The value of this bootcamp is $1,497
…Because we want to make sure every new seller will get that first sale asap, you get access for a Special One-Time Price of…​
*We sold this for $300 last year. And students loved it. You get the best possible deal for having some successful sellers in your corner.

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