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Students who take action on this step within their first week of selling on Amazon tend to be more successful. The explanation for this is simple: the sooner you have product available for purchase, the sooner you make money. And the sooner you make money, the more motivated you will be to continue learning, implementing, and making more money.


So, go ahead and take action today!




[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son date=”Step 2: Source Products” icon=”fa fa-globe” arrowclr=”#254783″]Start sourcing. You will not make any money unless you have products to sell.


We recommend that you start with one of the courses covering low-cost sourcing strategies


Start with one of the recommended courses below (novice friendly), watch the videos, and then create your plan of action: choose one idea form the courses and schedule a time to apply.


Buy Local Sell To The World
Proven Book Sourcing


The secret to being successful in the beginning is to NOT allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the many sourcing options.


At any point in this process to find (and to list) your first product on Amazon, remember that you can reach out and ask questions within our Facebook group made up of hundreds of successful online sellers.

[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son date=”Step 3: List Products” icon=”fa fa-list-alt” arrowclr=”#254783″]Once you are ready to ship your first products to Amazon, you will need to list and ship your products in order to make them available for sale.


We have several videos available to teach you this process, available under the Amazon Basics section in the PAC 2.0 course.

[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son date=”Step 4: Ship Your Products” icon=”fa fa-truck” arrowclr=”#254783″]You can choose to ship your product once it sells (which is called Fulfilled by Merchant, or MF) or you can have Amazon ship the product for you (Fulfilled By Amazon). When you get there, you will find more information on these two available options in the Amazon Basics trainings.

[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son date=”Step 5: Get Paid” icon=”fa fa-money” arrowclr=”#254783″]Once your product is shipped, Amazon adds the purchase payment (minus all Amazon fees) to your Seller Central account. Then at regular intervals, Amazon deposits the balance into your bank account (and notifies you that your payments has been sent).

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