Amazon Seller Profile

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This Amazon Seller Assessment is intended to discover a few traits about yourself in order to make better recommendations for you, as an Amazon seller.

You will take 3 multiple choice questions, followed by a series of what are called rating-scale items (statements followed by a spectrum of answers).

Each statement is followed by a series of possible responses: strongly disagree (SD), disagree (D), neither agree nor disagree (NAND), agree (A) or strongly agree (SD). Read each statement carefully and decide which response best describes how you feel. Then check the corresponding response. Please respond to every statement. If you are not completely sure which response is more accurate, put the response which you feel is most appropriate. Do not spend too long on each statement. It is important that you answer each question as honestly as possible.


Choose the answer that best describes your experience on Amazon.

1. What is your end goal for learning how to sell online (specifically Amazon)?

2. What is your average monthly revenue on Amazon?

3. The following characterizes my main business model