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The Silent Sales Machine Team

Jim Cockrum
Author, Silent Sales Machine
Founder of MySilentTeam

When I was fired from my job in 2002 I didn’t know then, but it would turn out to be one of the best days of my life.

You see… I had chosen a “safe” career path as a Microsoft software reseller during the prime of Microsoft’s dominance in the 1990s.

It was a comfortable job, and very low risk… but something inside of me was rebelling…raging to get out

…and the disconnect clearly showed in my attitude toward my chosen career.

In boredom I started playing around with eBay in 1999, along with some websites I built in my spare time.

I wasn’t very successful in the beginning but I found the work exciting and motivating.

I felt inspired and creative.

Very quickly I discovered with only a few hours per week on my side gigs, I was accomplishing more meaningful work on the weekends than I was in my “real” job.

“...I was accomplishing more meaningful work on the weekends than I was in my 'real' job.

Of course, it took me a while to get past the initial shock of getting fired from a stable, corporate career…

No one wants to get fired.

…but there are days when that kind of news hits particularly hard—and the day of my firing was one of those.

My wife Andrea was eight months pregnant.

If there’s one time in life when having health insurance is a good thing, it’s then!

Still, in the hours and days after being fired, I became very determined to walk away from the corporate, business-as-usual world.

…I didn’t send out resumes. I didn’t start calling my “connections.”

I was done.

No looking back.

My wife and I were both a wreck for a few days, but she believed in me and encouraged me, further proving that I had married an amazing girl! 

We had a few months of savings built up, but in retrospect, it still was a huge leap of faith.

Now after more than 20 years working 100% online, we’ve been blessed to build many streams of income, including:

  1. Millions of dollars in physical products sold on Amazon, eBay, and other sites
  2. Millions in sales of Digital content including audiobooks, ebooks and videos
  3. Discussion forums, both free and paid
  4. Membership sites and courses
  5. Monetized Facebook groups
  6. Thousands of students in our coaching and consulting programs
  7. Hundreds of thousands of emails sent monthly to our email lists
  8. Live conferences & paid events

…and many more…these are only a few examples.

Having dozens of income streams may sound like chaos to manage, but it’s actually quite orderly and all built with virtually no significant risks or large investments.

“...predictable streams of income that run mostly on their own...

It’s been this way since 2002, and I continue adding new predictable streams of income that run mostly on their own while producing delighted customers and profits that flow nicely into my bank accounts.

Individually, the streams aren’t always that large; some of them are as small as $100 to $200 per month. But add them all up, and I would have to work 70- to 80-hour weeks as the CEO of a major corporation to get the same income results.

Plus, the most meaningful benefit for us was being home with my family and enjoying a flexible lifestyle.

Since my firing in 2002, I’ve been the sole income earner in our household, using only the ideas you’ll read in this book.

“We started traveling for weeks at a time...

I’ve been able to work from home with my wife and five kids nearby. We started traveling for weeks at a time, we’ve adopted three times internationally (twice since being fired), we support the causes we believe in, we volunteer, and my kids have the best tutors they could ever have schooling them in our own home: their mom and me.

There is no traditional job that could possibly lure me out of this lifestyle.

If you share a similar goal to quit your job and live the Internet-business lifestyle, then my goal is for this book to be the first step in getting you there.

Or perhaps you’ve already been playing the online game for years and you are looking for strategies to propel your success.

…Either way, you’re in exactly the right place.

In this book I’m going to share with you the exact same strategies I used to replace my 9-5 job and work completely from home.

“In this book I'm going to share with you the exact same strategies I used to replace my 9-5 job and work completely from home.

…As we’ve watched stories pour in from around the world, we can’t help but notice the Internet makes so much possible that we never even dreamed of just a few short years ago…and we are just getting started!

Before you dive in to the content below, let me point out there’s no way to rush the process of establishing multiple income streams. 

This Silent Sales Machine 11.0 way of doing business is not a “get-rich-quick scheme.” 

…Instead, the methods in this book focus on proven strategies that are predictable and will equip you for virtually unlimited opportunities online.

As you read the treasure-trove of content in the book and on this page, I truly hope it stirs something powerful in you about what is possible.

God bless you. You’re a business-building warrior! I’m in your corner!

Jim Cockrum
Author, Silent Sales Machine
Founder of Proven Amazon Course and MySilentTeam

The "Silent Sales Machine" Principles That Underpin All of Our Success

Principle No. 1: Serve and Create Value First: Why making money should not be your primary goal.

Principle No. 2: Grow an Audience: How to grow the most valuable asset in the online business world

Principle No. 3: Guard Your Reputation: Why your personal brand matters and how to protect it.

Principle No. 4: Only Do What Only You Can Do: How, when and why to hire (and why it's likely sooner than you think).

Principle No. 5: Avoid Online Entrepreneur Pitfalls: How to identify "shiny objects", and "get rich quick schemes" and why you should always avoid them.

The 3 Models We Teach that created million-dollar sales weeks for our students.

Since I first began working to build and establish successful online businesses in 1999, I’ve been observing others, learning lessons, and filtering out the junk in the arena of online business opportunities.

Through that experience, I’ve become convinced that all successful online business opportunities come down to three complementary and universally powerful strategies…

…We call them the “C,” the “E,” and the “S” models: 

Consult, Expand, and Sell.

I discuss each model, or path to success, in great detail in the book, but here’s the short definition of each:

C = Consult. Get paid to partner with business owners and help them apply foundational concepts of Internet marketing to their business.

E = Expand. Create content that attracts and grows an audience and then serve that audience well.

S = Sell Stuff. Sell profitable physical goods using Amazon, eBay, or any number of other profitable platforms.

Using one or more of our these three powerful paths to online success…

…we’ve recently seen clients achieve million-dollar sales weeks, and we’ve even seen a client go from nearly broke to watching his company’s Super Bowl ad run in 2016.

Now that was fun to watch happen! 

All of the numerous success stories in our community come from one or more of these three models. 

While you certainly don’t have to do all three (we have thousands of students doing only the “S” model)…

…we’ve found that the “C,” “E,” and “S” models complement each other quite nicely and produce incredible income stability.

Understanding and employing these foundational concepts will equip you for virtually unlimited opportunities online.

You are probably thinking:

  • “Great, Jim, I understand I need to study and follow these principles… But what about the methods? How exactly do I make money?”

The answer we always give new students is to start with “S”  model (Sell a product). 

…Below I will explain why we always start here, and go into more detail explaining the exact framework we encourage all new students to use when evaluating opportunities to sell a product online.


Silent Sales Machine Book + Amazon 101 Course + 30-Day Fast Track Guide

Over 1 Million Book Copies Sold

1,379 Reviews on Amazon

$363 Only $7.00

What not to do.

legitimate Opportunities to avoid when starting online

In the last 20 years so many students have come to us with painful stories describing how they invested thousands of dollars in opportunities that were not right for them.

We find people starting out should almost always avoid these opportunities because they do not have some combination of experience, money, tech-skills, or risk-tolerance required to get these revenue streams started.

Here are just a few of the opportunities that you should avoid when starting your journey online:

Drop Shipping

Private Label


Affiliate Marketing


Wholesale E-commerce

Pay Per Click Advertising


Niche Website Creation

Anything "done for you"


It’s important to note: these are legitimate opportunities. 

In fact, we teach some of these methods to our more advanced students who already have a successful business and are ready to build their next revenue stream.

Remember that multiple revenue streams is the goal; but when you’re starting out, we strongly recommend avoiding these strategies. 

Instead, we recommend starting with a very specific type of opportunity that incorporates the “Low, Low, High” methodology explained below. 

Where should I start?

The 3 Part Framework We use to Evaluate Revenue Streams for New Students

We’ve been at this a long time…

As far as we know, we have the longest continuously running (and largest) community of online sellers in the world…

For more than two decades, we’ve seen (many) online opportunities come and go; but the great ones for new students fall into the same basic framework

In our experience, the key to getting started online and creating a successful business is to look at opportunities through this “Low, Low, High” framework.

Using this framework you can:

– Start slowly with small investments

– Grow at your own pace without taking large risks

– Build early momentum and earn a profit while you learn 

Let’s take a look at each element in more detail:

1). Low Cost

Start slowly with small investments.

Starting with a very small investments is critical when you’re first getting started online because it allows you to gather experience quickly, and minimizes resistance to starting.

Start Quickly: Low cost methods minimizes the resistance to getting started. In our experience, this is a significant hurdle for new students. With a low-cost opportunity, the natural resistance to getting started is minimized.

Learn Rapidly: Starting with a low cost method allows new entrepreneurs to gain experience without the pressure of recovering large investments.

Build Experience: Lower costs encourages experimentation, and is essential for building the experience you need to become successful on a small budget.

2). Low Risk

Grow at your own pace without taking large risks.

New sellers should start with low risk methods to build confidence, minimize losses, and create sustainable growth.

Minimize Losses: New businesses often face unpredictable challenges; low-risk approaches mitigate the impact of these uncertainties.

Build Confidence: Success in low-risk investments builds confidence and provides a foundation for gradually taking on more significant challenges.

Sustain Growth: A focus on low-risk investments supports sustainable, long-term growth rather than risking collapse due to high-stake failures.

3). High Probability for Success

Build early momentum and earn a profit while you learn.

Early momentum is critical.

When getting started, you want something with a good chance of yielding profit (even if it is small to start).

It is vital to get that psychological “quick win” as soon as possible, versus waiting months for a positive result because it’s easy to get frustrated and give-up too early.

…When you can say “I did it! I made it happen!” It’s hard to describe the motivating power of that feeling – you simply can’t wait to do it again.

We’ve seen this dynamic play out thousands of times.

Students who build early momentum are much more likely to stick to the process, and be successful long-term.

A Quick Note on "Tech Skills"

Online opportunities commonly require a moderate degree of technical competence. This can be a significant challenge for new entrepreneurs.

We’ve found that anytime a new revenue stream requires moderate to high technical competence to navigate, new entrepreneurs (without resources to hire / recruit help) comonly find themselves stalled or stopped entirely.

Because early momentum is so critical for new sellers, we strongly recommend against any new online venture that requires any sort of technical skillset. 

We consider “low tech” to be a “forth factor” in our framework for almost everyone. In fact, we argue that if you do possess moderate tech skills, it can work against your chances for success. I speak more on this topic in my book. 


Why Amazon is the #1 opportunity on the Internet (by a huge margin)

I’m going to explain:

1. Why Amazon is the number #1 opportunity on the internet.

2. Why Amazon is the best place for new sellers to start.

3. The exact strategy we use that creates the most success stories of any e-commerce opportunity on the internet.

Before I go into the specific ways to sell on Amazon, and the exact model we’ve helped tens of thousands of new sellers use to start beautiful businesses online, let me first explain:

Why Amazon?

…I think it’s important to understand the big picture perspective first, then get into details.

If you want to start an online-based business and work completely from home (especially if it’s your first time) I believe Amazon is (by far) the best choice.

I am absolutely convinced this is the case. 

Let me explain why, starting with the numbers:

50% of All US Transactions on the Internet Occur on Amazon.com

Let this fact sink in... On any given day in the United States, nearly half of all of the transactions that are happening on the internet are happening on Amazon.com right now.

When quoting this statistic some people may think: “well doesn’t that proove Amazon is saturated?

Not even close

Let me explain why.

Imagine all of the retail activity in the United States is on a pie chart… 

Think of a number from 1 to 100…. Of all retail in the United States, what percentage do you think is online? 

This is a very interesting exercise because every time I do this, I get a wide variety of interesting answers… 

I’ve heard people say anything from 10 up to 90 percent.

People typically don’t have a grasp on how much retail spending is happening online versus traditional retail (getting in your car, going to the store).

The actual number as of the latest U.S. Government data is 15.6%.

Look at the chart below. 

I want you to notice something important: just a few short years ago, that number was between 5 and 6 percent!


E-Commerce is Still only 15.6% of all Sales

E-commerce is still just getting started. The relatively low percentage of online retail and significant growth potential means those who start online businesses now, especially on Amazon, are entering a rapidly expanding market with a lot of room for growth.

15.6% is still a very low number. Most people have the impression that at least half the economy is online.

…The reality is, the vast majority (85%) of spending is still done through traditional retail.

That means there’s a lot of room for growth. 

So, if you want to start an online-based business: why Amazon? 

…Because half of all internet transactions are happening on Amazon in the US and it’s got so much future potential for growth! 

…People are getting more comfortable all the time with shopping online for things they need, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down – on the contrary: 

This trend is rapidly accelerating!

But what does this mean for people who are new? 

Next, I’ll explain why Amazon is the best place to start for new sellers.


Why Amazon is the best place for new sellers to Start

Before we get into the particular Amazon model that 99% of our students use to create beautiful businesses that entirely replace their income working from home, I want to explain why Amazon is the best place to start.

First: Remember there are many ways to make money on Amazon. There is a whole ecosystem inside with many legitimate things you can do.

Here are just a few of the (many) examples:

As you read this list, remember, you do not want to pursue any of these opportunities (not yet). I will explain in a moment exactly where to start if you are new.

  1. Arbitrage: Buy products at discounted prices from retail  (or online) stores and resell them on Amazon for a profit. It requires research and understanding of market trends.

  2. Private Label Products: Create your own brand and sell products under it on Amazon. It involves manufacturing products or modifying existing ones under your brand.

  3. Wholesale Selling: Purchase products in bulk at wholesale prices and resell them on Amazon. This requires a significant initial investment and space for inventory.

  4. Amazon Handmade: Sell handmade or craft items on Amazon Handmade. Ideal for artists and crafters.

  5. Publishing Books on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): Write and publish ebooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon.

  6. Amazon Merch: Design and sell custom-branded merchandise like t-shirts without worrying about production or shipping.

  7. Amazon Associates (Affiliate Marketing): Earn commission by promoting Amazon products on your website or social media platforms.

  8. Amazon Flex: Make money by delivering packages for Amazon as an independent contractor.

  9. Amazon Trade-In Program: Trade in eligible items like electronics, books, and video games for Amazon gift cards.

  10. Amazon Home Services: Offer your professional services like cleaning, assembly, or handyman work through Amazon Home Services.

  11. Work From Home for Amazon: Amazon offers various remote job opportunities in customer service, IT, HR, and more.

  12. Amazon Influencer Program: Leverage your social media following to earn commissions by creating an Amazon page with your recommended products.

  13. Amazon Vine Program: If you’re an experienced reviewer, you can get free products in exchange for honest reviews.

  14. Sell Professional Services: Offer professional services directly to Amazon customers in your area (e.g., goat grazing services, computer repair).

  15. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Complete small, on-demand tasks (HITs) like data entry, research, or content moderation for payment.

  16. Amazon Kindle Singles: Publish shorter content like novellas, essays, or short stories on Amazon Kindle Singles.

  17. Lease Your Books and Textbooks: Rent out your books and textbooks to others through Amazon’s rental program.

  18. Create Audio Books: Produce and sell audiobooks on Amazon through Audible.

  19. Sell International Products: Source unique products from different countries and sell them on Amazon to a global market.

  20. Amazon Custom: Sell products that can be customized by buyers, such as engraved jewelry or personalized t-shirts.

  21. Amazon Warehouse Deals: Sell refurbished, used, and open-box products at discounted prices through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

  22. Dropshipping on Amazon: Sell products without holding inventory by having a third-party supplier fulfill orders.

  23. Amazon Launchpad: For startups, Amazon Launchpad offers a platform to launch, market, and distribute your innovative products.

  24. Amazon Renewed: Sell refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products to customers on Amazon Renewed.

  25. Amazon Subscription Boxes: Create and sell subscription boxes in your niche market.

  26. Participate in Amazon Exclusives: Sell unique or new products exclusively on Amazon.

  27. Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS): If you have technical skills, offer AWS-related services or build applications on AWS for businesses.

  28. Sell Digital Products or Services: If you offer digital goods (like software) or services, consider selling them on Amazon.

  29. Amazon Pantry: Sell non-perishable food and household items directly through Amazon Pantry.

  30. Amazon Outlet: Sell overstock or clearance items on Amazon Outlet.

…And (many) more…

My point in showing the list is that Amazon is an economy all by itself.

There are 2.2 BILLION hungry shoppers every single month searching for products on Amazon.

Amazon growth 2004-2023

It’s hard to conceive of the sheer size of this demand.

(The key is we know exactly what they are searching for! More on this crucial fact in a second)

…And this trend is accelerating rapidly!

No matter which method you follow on the list above, or if you follow the methods we teach (more on that in a moment)…

…The point I want you to get is that all of these opportunities are all basically the same:

Find a demand, and fill it.

That’s it!

Remember this crucial point. 

You will see why it’s so important later.

…I can’t tell you how many times people have come to us after failing on Amazon because they did not understand this simple point.

…They try to “create demand” by inventing a new product.

…They try to offer something nobody has seen before.

…They try to create a new brand, make it big quick, etc.



Game Over.

That is not how you make money on Amazon!

… instead, the beautiful thing about Amazon is they share with us exactly what people already want!

Amazon allows us to:

1. Look at the demand numbers.
2. Discover where it is unmet.
3. Find opportunities to fill it.

Imagine knowing exactly what people are going to buy before you sell it?

That’s a tremendous advantage over other methods…

And that is exactly what makes Amazon (done right!):

1. Low risk.
2. Low cost.
3. High probability for success.

(Remember our success framework from earlier?)

Next I will explain our model, how we ensure new students can stay inside the Low, Low, High success framework…

…and why we believe the methods we teach is the best opportunity for new sellers on the entire internet (as evidenced by our hundreds of success stories)!


Why Our Specific Amazon Model is the IDEAL place to start an Online Business

…The average person shopping on Amazon does not realize that more than 60% of all of the listings are held by independent sellers.

Thats right! Individuals!

The largest online sales platform in the world is stocked with products that are owned by small businesses and individuals and like you and me!

Amazon needs individuals to fill the digital shelf space and meet the massive demand on their platform.

That’s a big opportunity, and where we come in.

So how do we fill the “digital shelf space”?

Remember: Success on Amazon is about identifying unmet demand, and filling it.

It’s about knowing beforehand: what people are looking for but cannot find (or is in short supply), and identifying ways to fill the need…

In a nutshell, here’s how we do it:

  1. Using special software, we find the underserved listings.
  2. We identify where we can profitably acquire the product.
  3. We run (very small, low cost) tests to prove the product will sell profitably, usually with as little as 3-5 units.
  4. If its profitable, we add more stock to “the digital shelf” and watch it sell!
  5. We automate this process, and repeat.

In addition to this, we teach students how to maximize their chances even more by finding a specific type of physical product that is in high demand but not widely available on Amazon.

So… why is this a GREAT opportunity for new sellers?

Let’s go back to our “Low, Low, High” framework:

How does this opportunity stack up against our criteria?

1). Low Cost

When you find a "winning asin" (an underserved listing on Amazon), we teach you how to "test small", usually with only 3-5 units at a time, so the upfront investment is tiny.

2). Low Risk

Because you can identify what is highly likely to sell before you even start testing, and your total test budget on each listing is very small, the risk is low. You can safely make mistakes, and the result is low impact. Contrast this with spending thousands (or tens of thousands) on a private label product that sits on the shelf and never sells, and it's easy to understand why we recommend the low, low, high method!

3). High Probability for Success

Once you've identified a listing that is selling at a small quantity, congratulations you've identified a winner! Increase the stock incrementally and "ride the demand" on that listing. ...Remember, because you know where the demand is prior to starting, your chances of winning are high.

Ok! We have a winning set of criteria! 

But what about tech skills? I mentioned using “software” – does this opportunity require any technical skills?

4). No Tech Skills Required

You don't need any tech skills / computer proficiency / or special skills to run this business. No part of this business is technical in nature. You need to know how to use your mouse to navigate pages; but there is no coding involved or anything like that. If you do have tech skills, I would argue having technical proficiency could hurt your chances because our tendency as humans is to overcomplicate things. This is a simple business model, and part of being profitable is about keeping it simple!


Silent Sales Machine Book + Amazon 101 Course + 30-Day Fast Track Guide

Over 1 Million Book Copies Sold

1,379 Reviews on Amazon

$363 Only $7.00


One of my goals with the book is to shatter excuses.

Below you will see just a few of the hundreds of recent success stories that (undeniably) prove anyone can do it…

When I first began, I had my own excuses: my grades, my inexperience with marketing, my lack of writing skills….

…These and other traits were great excuses if I needed them to be, but the excuses didn’t stop there.

My list of excuses when I got started in 2002.

  1. I have no idea how to build a website.
  2. My parents are both alcoholics (clean and sober since I was 10, but it was a rough start).
  3. I have five kids to feed and my wife earns virtually no income.
  4. I’m not well connected in my local community.
  5. I hate getting up early.
  6. I don’t like to learn new skills (nothing technical, please!).
  7. I really don’t like to work at night or early in the morning.
  8. I’m quickly bored by anything routine.
  9. I’m introverted.
  10. I don’t like being on camera.
  11. I’m easily distracted and quickly move on to new projects.
  12. …I could go on…

Are you getting bored with my excuses yet?

These are all 100 percent true, but they aren’t complaints.

…They’re just reasons that make it appear I shouldn’t be an online entrepreneur.

In spite of it all, I’m grateful to be so successful because I now get to encourage you and others.

You may also have a laundry list of excuses. But I doubt you’re going to come up with one I haven’t seen destroyed by those in our community.

Because we’ve been doing this since 2002, my team and I have literally spoken to tens of thousands of students who were considering launching an online business.

We’ve literally never seen an excuse that makes someone a bad candidate to try our techniques.

Common Excuses We Hear

  • I live in the wrong Location. You can succeed regardless of your location. Living inside the U.S. gives you some advantages perhaps, but living outside the U.S. and finding creative local goods to send into the U.S. is just as big of an advantage! We have students in our community who live on small islands in the middle of nowhere running successful, online, physical product businesses. They never see or touch their inventory; they use a “prep partner” to help them manage their inventory in the U.S.

  • My budget is too small. You can succeed regardless of your budget for starting capital. One of our students started with only $120 and was able to support his family of eight within 6 months. One of our leaders even started out homeless!

  • Life Circumstances prevent me from becoming successful. You can succeed regardless of your circumstances. We are seeing everything from formerly homeless single moms now buying their first home to dads who are excitedly leaving behind corporate careers because their online businesses are soaring. Worried about limited space for inventory? Don’t be. Again, there are workarounds, such as using Amazon warehouses to store inventory for you.

  • I’m too old, or I’m too young. You can succeed regardless of your age. The three models and five principles we teach here are the same ones that my 17-year-old son currently uses with his own online businesses that run entirely independent of mine. We even have 10-year-olds in our community using some of these models!

  • I have poor health. You can succeed regardless of what challenges you face in time or health restrictions. This business is incredibly flexible! Some of our top students are severely restricted from traveling from home or face other physical challenges that prevent them from pursuing most traditional careers.

  • Education, Race, Gender. You can succeed regardless of your education, race, gender, or previous experiences. You just have to not be afraid of any of the barriers of the past in the Internet business world. Your reputation and your business practices, both of which we’ll teach you how to handle, are what online customers tend to use to decide if they want to engage with you (and often, the online connection is all they see of you). It is truly is a new era.

  • I’m afraid. Finally, you can succeed even if you are afraid. When you engage our team, experience the generosity of our community, realize we are helping you every step of the way, and experience early wins as you start taking small steps toward multiple income streams, it makes it much easier to continue moving forward.

After literally tens of thousands of conversations since 2002… and hundreds of recent success stories… we can say with absolute conviction that our team has never seen an excuse that makes someone a bad candidate to try our techniques.




single-mom of 3 GOES from minimum wage to sales rolling in from Disney

Dad Of 3 Goes From ZERO To Five Figures In 90 Days While Working Full Time

High School Teacher Replaces Full-Time Job With Amazon Business

16 YEar Old SKIPS MIN WAGE JOB and EARNS $93/Hr on amazon

single mom of 6 supports family working from home



full time pastor builds 6-figure amazon business



Husband wife team CREATE DIVERSE 7 figure BUSINESS



LOW INCOME DAD GOES From cutting grass to FIRST $million dollar MONTH


teenAGER CREATES thriving six figure Amazon business


Young Couple Builds Dream Business







DAD of 2 Transitions from FITNESS INDUStry to e-commerce

COUPLE GOES From Deep in Debt to Dream House

Son Hires mom and Grows a Seven Figure Business

Professional Welder Replaces Income with amazon business

Real estate professional Finds 1,000 Profitable Products in 5 Weeks

Dad builds home business while also working 70 hour weeks

pizzeria owner grows Amazon side hustle from $500 to six-figures

Air force couple launch business while deployed in germany

Corporate JOB in DUBAI to automated Amazon business from Dubai

...and (many) more...

I’m personally inspired everyday by the constant flow of new success stories in our community.

…it’s what really motivates me to create the content you’re about to see.

I want to help as many people as possible quit their 9 to 5 and experience the excitement and fulfillment that comes from owning a beautiful online business.

I am 100% confident, that no matter your circumstances, YOU can become a business building warrior and create a successful online business working from home.

1,379 reviews

People on the Same Journey Helping You Succeed Everyday.



We’ve have the privilege of serving the largest assembly of successful online Business Building Warriors in the world with more than 74 thousand members.

We also have more success stories and reviews (by an extraordinary margin) than anyone else out there.

In our online community you’ll find:

> The top amazon seller training (constantly updated) in the world with constant feed of successful stories from hard working business building warriors who love to help each other.

We welcome new sellers. There are no stupid questions. We all started knowing little!

> The most experienced amazon seller leadership and coaching team available anywhere in the world with a combined multiple decades of experience of online selling success and over 10,000 students coached

> We feature students who run incredible businesses and want to teach you how to repeat their success.

> We are a truly global community to help answer your Amazon and ecommerce questions 24/7.

> A Winning Culture. Success is contagious and we are rooting for your success – we celebrate with you as fellow warriors spuring each other on!

>No spammy intrusions. Pure content and education. If you are ready to do the work, we have proven strategies and the best, most qualified, people to help you get there and the community to get behind you.


Silent Sales Machine Book + Amazon 101 Course + 30-Day Fast Track Guide

Over 1 Million Book Copies Sold

1,379 Reviews on Amazon

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NOT a “Side Benefit”: Real Community is Essential to Your Success



Jim & Andrea Cockrum and family at the Proven Conference

We’ve been helping entrepreneurs become successful in online business for over 20 years now.

I’m not aware of anyone that’s been consistently doing this for that long.

…Each year at our annual conference we come together as a community

We’ve been helping entrepreneurs become successful in online business for over 20 years now. I’m not aware of anyone that’s been consistently doing this for that long. 

…Each year at our annual conference we come together as a community of sellers.


The Speaker Lineup of our live-events is dominated by students in our community who DO the actual businesses we teach, and love to share how you can repeat their success.

The community is abundance minded. We understand that we are in this together, and we’ve found a camaraderie as “Business Building Warriors.”

The point I want you to understand is this: 

You should never do this alone!

Having a people behind you, helping you every day as a community is NOT a side benefit. It is ESSENTIAL to your success.

That’s why we’ve put so much effort into building and nurturing our community 

(think for a moment how much time and energy it takes for us to put this together) 

We do this because creating a culture of helping and supporting one-another in both our online and in-person communities is critical to the success of our students.

…and you will not find this level of community and commitment anywhere else.

Our Community is Ready to Welcome You and help You Succeed

What You Get

Silent Sales Machine 11

$29 Value

Unlock financial freedom and learn the exact strategies to create your own dream lifestyle. This book condenses more than two decades of online entrepreneurship expertise into a repeatable formula you can use to establish diverse income streams, master e-commerce strategies, and create your own automated Silent Sales Machine.

Chapter 1: Can you really make money online?

Chapter one condenses 20 years of my experience establishing diverse online income streams and explains how to build a successful business focusing on product sales, audience growth, and consulting. I emphasize the ease and low investment needed to learn these skills, which have enabled many to achieve a flexible, family-oriented lifestyle. This guide is ideal for those seeking practical approaches to online entrepreneurship.

Chapter 2: What kinds of businesses are viable and possible?

Chapter two guides you in aligning your online business with your ideal lifestyle, prioritizing fulfilling work over just financial success. It encourages starting small, building your business online with minimal risk, and achieving financial freedom to pursue your passions. The aim is to create a sustainable life that reflects your values and aspirations, showing you how to shape your business to support your desired lifestyle.

Chapter 3: Should you pause the pursuit of your passions and talents?

Chapter three advises prioritizing practical, low-risk online business ventures over immediate pursuit of passion projects. It emphasizes serving market needs to achieve financial stability, allowing for the later enjoyment of personal passions. The key message is to balance realistic planning with career dreams, essential for a sustainable and fulfilling business and life.

Chapter 4: Do you have a list of excuses we need to deal with?

Chapter four explores how common excuses impede achieving personal and business goals. It emphasizes the importance of drawing inspiration from successful people, overcoming excuses with a positive mindset, and taking proactive steps. The chapter advocates for recognizing one's excuses, learning from others, and highlights the value of relationships, continuous learning, and small risks in goal attainment.

Chapter 5: Are you chasing shiny objects?

Chapter five offers guidance on avoiding common e-commerce mistakes, particularly for newcomers. It stresses the importance of being cautious and informed to succeed in online business, touching on pitfalls like pay-per-click marketing, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and avoiding hyped launches or celebrity-endorsed courses.

Chapter 6: Model #1 – Let’s sell something

Chapter six focuses on the Amazon Replens model as a beginner-friendly e-commerce strategy, teaching how to profit from underrepresented Amazon listings through low-cost buying and high selling. It covers fundamental aspects like low startup expenses, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and Merchant Fulfilled methods. The goal is to establish a scalable online business, using real success stories to inspire and guide new e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Chapter 7: Model #2 – Growing an Audience

Chapter seven covers audience expansion for online businesses, highlighting the need for a sustainable digital presence and authentic story. It emphasizes community building as a key audience type and offers strategies for leveraging e-commerce successes to develop a loyal, engaged audience for long-term business growth and opportunities.

Chapter 8: Model #3 – Get paid to teach and assist others

Chapter eight is about how small business achievements enable leadership and teaching roles, focusing on a two-step strategy of first finding success and then helping others replicate it. It highlights using the internet to efficiently share knowledge and how initial business ventures can evolve into coaching or consulting, emphasizing the connection between business growth and personal development.

Chapter 9: Launching Your first Silent Sales Machine and creating multiple income streams

Chapter nine discusses creating various income streams online for financial and lifestyle flexibility, highlighting diversification, automation, and global resources like virtual assistants. It advises aligning business ideas with personal values and sharing experiences. The chapter ends with an action item to evaluate business models based on traffic, testing, tribe, time, and teaching, to find opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Chapter 10: My Story of multiple income streams

I share my 20-year journey from traditional employment to building a multimillion-dollar online business, starting with eBay and expanding to Amazon. This video is crucial for those considering my course, demonstrating how embracing internet business can lead to financial success, flexibility, and a fulfilling family life, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

Bonus #1

Amazon 101 Course

$297 Value

Course Overview

Launch your profitable Amazon business with our Amazon 101 Course. Even if you’re new and low on cash, our step-by-step guide will empower you. Break free from the misconception that you need a fortune to start earning online. Join thousands of successful students who have achieved financial freedom. This course is designed for beginners and emphasizes low-risk, low-cost methods, making it accessible to all. Learn to find profitable products, calculate profits, list and ship on Amazon, and grow your business steadily. Start your Amazon journey today with confidence and financial freedom!

This course sells in our store for $297.

1.0 Introduction

  • Navigating Seller Central
  • Understanding Amazon Terms
  • Guidance for New Sellers

2.0 Listing Fundamentals

  • Opening Account
  • Listing Review
  • New Account Basics

3.0 Configuring Your Account

  • Seller Profile Configuration
  • Business Information
  • Shipping & Returns
  • FBA Essential Settings

4.0 Fulfillment by Amazon

  • FBA Program Introduction
  • Seller Responsibilities
  • Amazon’s Fulfillment Role
  • Fee Structure Overview
  • Revenue Calculator Usage

5.0 Pricing

  • Featured Offer Pricing
  • Featured Offer Eligibility
  • Pricing Health Business

6.0 Managing Inventory

  • Overview
  • Default Sorting Preferences

  • Managing Zero Inventory

  • Reserved Inventory

  • Monitoring

  • Deleting Inactive ASINs

  • Maintaining Account Health

7.0 Getting Paid

  • Payments Screen Overview
  • Payments Screen Transaction View
  • Payments Screen All Statements View
  • Payments Screen Disbursements
  • Payments Screen Reports Repository

Bonus #2

30-Day Fast Track Guide

$37 Value

The 30-day fast track program is a proven, detailed, step by step checklist-style process to get your first sale on Amazon as quickly as possible.

The program consists of a detailed daily calendar showing exactly what to do, step-by-step, each day for 30 days. This is a tested and proven process to get you moving fast. 

Program includes:

  • Detailed, step by step, fool proof instructions
  • Designed to get your that (amazing) first sale fast.
  • Daily Checklist and 30-day planner.
  • Clear expectations, action steps, and encouragement delivered to you daily via a daily email.

The Silent Sales Machine Bundle

Silent Sales Machine Book + Amazon 101 Course + 30-Day Fast Track Guide

This bundle is valued at $363 but I’m offering it for a onetime price of only…


That’s 90% Off!

…People ask me all the time…

“Jim! Why do you sell your training for such a crazy low price?”

My answer is always the same:

 Always offer value first!”

This is the First Principle in my book, and it works because when we offer our highest possible value upfront, we build trust, and everyone wins.

I may return this bundle to it’s regular price in the future, but my goal now is to help the next group of 10,000 online sellers get started on their journey.

Will you be our next success story?

Smash the “Get Instant Access” Button Below to Start Your Journey to Multiple Income Streams!

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page! 

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we are happy to answer your questions.



In case you’re one of those people who skips to the end…

Here is just the facts:

  • I’m sending you my 10 chapter e-book that is behind 1,000s of success stories over the past 20 years.

  • This book is read by over 1 million ecommerce entrepreneurs globally.

  • We’ve updated it 11 times over 20 years to eager readers who devour the content.

  • Everytime we update it, we release it, for free, to all past purchasers, so your getting a lifetime of updates with your purchase.
  • The book is behind the best selling Amazon seller training in the world.

  • The trainings in this book launched the top rated podcast “Silent Sales Machine Radio” downloaded 115,000X per month on iTunes.

  • This book launched “My Silent Team” facebook group with over 73,000 members and over 1,700 tagged success posts and stories!

  • I am also sending you our best-selling Amazon 101 training course, with 25 detailed video trainings in 3 modules plus bonus content teaching you exactly how to get started selling on Amazon (where 99% of our students start)
  • Additionally, I am sending you our 30-day fast-track guide with detailed, step by step instructions covering exactly what to do every day for the next 30 days to maximize your effort as you get started creating your own Silent Sales Machine.


1. We Only teach proven methods that actually work.

You will never see us offer a training we have not thoroughly vetted. We have several completely new opportunities in the pipeline that we cannot wait to share; but we always complete thorough testing of our methods before teaching them. No one-trick pony show here! We are serious about proving everything we do.

2. We Always back up our claims with (actual) proof.

This is really important: Online methods and tactics are always changing. Whenever a student or coach comes to us with a new method (which is nearly every month), we always test it and prove that it works FIRST, before announcing it in our community or teaching it in our courses. We are constantly updating our content, and keeping our methods and tactics current with the latest strategies and trends. How do you think we’ve been able to keep going for more than 20 years?

3. We Never make promises we cannot keep.

You will always get the facts from me and my team. We do not offer hype, get rick quick schemes, or non-legit opportunities. We believe the most important factor to success online is to guard your reputation (SSM Principle No. 3!) Our reputation and brand is the most valuable asset we possess.

We’ve proven this system can work for anyone who puts the time and dedication into it. We’ve seen everything from single moms to executive-level professionals and everyone in-between succeed with the methods we teach. After 10,000+ conversations that myself and my team have had in our community, we’ve never once seen an excuse that makes someone a bad candidate for our methods.

It’s important to understand that the results we posted on this page and in our community do not imply that you’ll duplicate them or that you’ll get any results at all. Your results will vary greatly and will depend on many factors, especially YOUR WORK ETHIC and all other factors that are relevant to the success of any business. We can equip and inspire you, but we can’t and won’t guarantee your results.

Nothing worth having in life is easy. We are not saying it will be easy; but what we do know is if you put the required effort in, and commit to the work, your chances of success are high. Also, we are here to support you with an online community  that is dedicated to your success and available 24/7. 

My best selling E-book, including 10 chapters of content produced in video and audio format for easy listening.

An extensive online Amazon 101 course consisting of 3 modules, 25 videos, plus bonus content.

A proven, step by step checklist with 30 days of detailed guidance with a proven plan showing you exactly what to do each day for the next 30 days to get the best results in our program.

Consider this: If by writing this book and offering my training and materials for a very low pricre I am able to help the next batch of 10,000 online entrepreneurs start 5 and 6 figure per month online businesses… do you think my coaching and consulting business will grow, or shrink?

This is a huge principle in the book. 

When you serve first money naturally follows. One of the greatest things about business is that when you serve others, everyone wins (SSM Principle #1).

I’m counting on some of the next batch of 10,000 students to join our 7 figures (and 8 figures) per month coaching programs where we help students 10x, 30x, and 100x their business online. Thats how we actually make profit in our own business. 

Will you be our next success story?

We have hundreds of documented success stories, some of which are featured on this page. We have hundreds more readily available our free SilentJim podcast and youtube channel. The book itself has thousands of 5-star reviews.

We update our content constantly. 

When you purchase content from us (like my book), we give you access to the updates. My book is in the 11th edition since it’s original publication. 

When you buy my book, we put your name on our update list and every time I update the content, you have lifetime access to the new content.

From my perspective, I am not just offering you words on a page, but a result – and that means always offering the latest most updated content I can provide.

Yes, absolutely! You get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case it’s not for you. You can reach out to our support team with your purchase receipt anytime within 30 days and request a refund, no questions asked.


Silent Sales Machine Book + Amazon 101 Course + 30-Day Fast Track Guide

Over 1 Million Book Copies Sold

1,379 Reviews on Amazon

$363 Only $7.00

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