Getting Started

Are You A New Seller?

Congratulations on making the decision to learn how to become an online seller.

Based on our interactions with many new sellers, our support team has discovered that the students who follow the process outlined below have a higher chance of success. Why is that? It is because they take action, which is what distinguishes successful sellers from unsuccessful ones.


Step 1: Open Your Amazon Seller Account

In order to sell on Amazon, you need to open a Seller Central account and learn some basics.

Amazon does have an account confirmation program that can take up to a couple weeks. The sooner you start this process, the sooner you’ll be making sales and the more motivated you will be to continue learning, implementing and growing!

We advise most students to start their Amazon selling adventure by selling INSIDE THE USA regardless of where you live in the world.  If you happen to live outside of the USA, this guide will be VERY helpful as you get set up.

There are a handful of “one time tasks” that you’ll have to get through before you can begin selling, but please trust us that it’s SO WORTH IT!

Step 2: Learn the Process of Sourcing and Selling

We like to start out 99% of all new students with a program we call “AMAZON REPLENS”.

Learning REPLENS means going into the “AMAZON 101” module and then the “REPLENS” training modules found in this learning portal.

For encouragement,  you can hear hundreds of amazing recent REPLENS seller success stories on our podcast and see hundreds more success posts in our free facebook group. In many cases these are students who knew nothing about selling online just a few short months ago, and now they have thriving businesses!

That being said, while you are learning the basics of REPLENS from the above modules in the coming days, if you are eager to SELL SOMETHING you can sell just about anything to help you learn the basics if you’d like! Making a profit on those first few sales isn’t as important as is learning the process.

We often encourage new sellers to SELL SOMETHING…ANYTHING!

You can sell some unused items around your house such as an unopened gift or other item just to get used to the process.

If interested, here are a couple basic courses covering low-cost inventory sourcing strategies that you can easily implement while you learn REPLENS.

  • Buy Local Sell To The World: There’s inventory all around you! We don’t encourage you to STAY with these ideas long-term, but if you are short on cash you’ll love these ideas!
  • Proven Book Sourcing: Learn to sell books on Amazon. Up until about 2018 we LOVED encouraging new sellers to sell books as a nice income on Amazon, but now we suggest it only as an easy way to learn a bit about Amazon selling with easily sourced inventory. We’ve changed our mind because Amazon wants FAST MOVING inventory in their warehouses, and the costs associated with selling slow moving inventory have really gone up.

The secret to being successful in the beginning is to NOT allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the many sourcing options and many ways there are to earn an income on Amazon. Get on the REPLENS path and learn the system that has produced thousands of great stories in our community!

To summarize, you need to:

  • Learn the basics by selling just about anything
  • Learn REPLENS asap and start putting money in the bank!
  • From there you’ll have a profitable business and can go many directions with your ecommerce career!

At any point in this process please remember that you can reach out and ask questions in our Facebook group made up of thousands of successful online sellers from around the world who are following the training (this learning portal) and  our coaching.

Step 3: List Products

Once you are ready to ship your first products to Amazon, you will need to list and ship your products in order to make them available for sale to Amazon’s massive consumer base.

You can choose to ship any product directly from you to the customer once it sells (which is called Fulfilled by Merchant, or MF) or you can have Amazon store the product in one of their many warehouses (they’ll tell you which one) and then Amazon will ship the product for you to the buying customer if/when it sells (this is called Fulfilled By Amazon or FBA). If you live outside the US, you’ll be using ONLY FBA and you’ll need to work with a prep partner from the list found on this website. A prep partner gets your inventory properly labeled for you and sends it to your assigned Amazon warehouse.

“PREPPING” your inventory for FBA:
We have several videos available to teach you this process. These training videos are available in our learning portal under the Amazon Seller Central Basics section, but that may not be the most comprehensive place to learn all of Amazon’s current expectations. Please note that Amazon often changes the “look/feel” of their site as well as the policies that sellers must adhere to. As you are learning the basics of preparing your shipments, you will almost certainly find it quite helpful to refer to the following page that is hosted by Amazon: That page contains all of the most recent official Amazon training videos that show you the exact selling procedures that you’ll need to follow and it will “look/feel” exactly like Amazon constantly changing seller interface.

Don’t be intimidated!
Once you’ve sent in one or two shipments, you’ll be “PREPPING” like a pro! It’s not rocket science, and we are all here to help you in our student Facebook group!

Step 4: Start Selling

As your products begin to sell, Amazon adds the purchase payment (minus all Amazon fees) to your Seller Central account. At regular intervals Amazon deposits the balance they owe you into your bank account.

Would you like to work one-on-one with one of our top 50 most successful students that we’ve recruited to work one-on-one with our students? Contact our coaching office for details!