CES VI Livestream Available Now!

Now is the time to grab livestream online access to our big annual event for online sellers!

Our event, CESindy2018.com is only a few days away and because it appears that you can’t join us in person this year, I knew you’d want to hear about this alternate way to be a part of it all!

We are broadcasting the event online, and you get access (plus all recordings!) at a huge discount as a member of our community!

Here are some reasons why I think you need this:

  • This is the most cutting edge, “what’s working now” content you’ll find anywhere for online entrepreneurs like you. We are seeing SO MANY success stories in our community – from “newbies” to “advanced” online sellers!
  • Full live stream access for the entire event is on sale for only $77- that’s 85% off but only until the event starts on August 23rd (Thursday). This is a no brainer price!
  • You don’t have to watch it all live of course – you get all the recordings to watch again later!
  • Those attending the event are paying thousands in travel, hotel, registration etc. Livestream access is a steal if you purchase access NOW (before the event starts on Thursday Aug. 23rd)!
  • At the event we’ll be sharing exactly how YOU can benefit wildly from our predicted “Number One Top Selling Toy On Amazon.com for Christmas 2018” regardless of your experience level!

…and that’s just the start of what we have planned! Check out the website to get a better feel for the event!

Get details on the event content and lock in your access at CESindy2018.com

I hope to see you there one way or the other (in person or virtually)!!


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